10 simple things you can do to stop eating more calories

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When it comes to eating food you can say many things. At the time of eating there are people who eat more calories than they really should and there are others who simply eat less than necessary, in both situations health is markedly affected. In the long term you can see problems in our health such as heart problems or diseases such as diabetes.

Breaking these bad habits is very difficult, but somehow you have to start looking for a solution. Therefore, we bring you 10 habits to stop eating more calories. At some point you will appreciate having changed your diet or regret not having done so.

10 things you can use to avoid eating too many calories

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1.Avoid distractions

It is very common that while we are distracted the first thing we do is eat to accompany the moment, whether it is watching a football game, a movie or just your favorite television show.

These habits may seem harmless because we do not pay much attention but in reality we are eating too many calories without realizing it.

One study revealed that being distracted while eating will cause you to eat more calories than you really wanted.Avoid distracting yourself from eating too many calories

2.Avoid eating foods that cause anxiety

You can start by identifying the foods that cause you much desire, such as ice cream or some high-calorie foods, all with the purpose of changing them for much healthier foods.

These foods can be exchanged for healthier options. For example, you can change the excess ice cream for a sliced ​​apple with a little peanut butter. hummus and vegetables. You should also keep foods such as chips, sweets and cookies out of your cupboard, so when you have anxiety they will not break your diet.What foods to avoid so too not too many calories

3.Do not stop eating all your favorite foods

It is never good to stop eating those foods that we like so much, because by forbidding ourselves to eat these foods that we so desire we stagnate in a somewhat frustrating situation. Therefore, we must concentrate on a sustainable and healthy diet, which is to eat whole and unprocessed foods so that from time to time we give ourselves that little pleasure that we expected so much.Benefits of eating your favorite foods from time to time

4.Eat low calorie foods

For this process you can perform the “Volumetric Test ” which consists of eating foods like vegetables which are low in calories and have a high fiber content .

One thing you can do is eat some of these foods before a heavy meal; these will help you feel full without having to overeat. A great example can be eating a large plate of salad or a healthy soup before lunch or dinner; this will help you not to exceed the necessary calorie levels .Eat salads to avoid eating too many calories

5.Avoid eating processed foods

Processed foods such as packaged fries, boxed ice cream or fast food can make you eat many more calories. To avoid this, we recommend that you separate the portions according to the quantities you really need to eat, changing them from very large portions to the normal size portions you really need. Avoid foods so you do not eat too many calories

6.Try to reduce stress

Stress is a problem that can lead us to consume many calories, since most people when they feel stressed tend to eat high-calorie foods, especially processed foods or sweets.

The chronic stress increases levels of cortical, a hormone that increases appetite. Therefore, try to perform activities that help you control your stress levels such as yoga, listening to music or sports activities, among much others.Avoid stress so as not to eat too many calories

7.Eat consciously

Eating consciously will make you eat the food with the calories you really need, thus avoiding any risk of breaking your diet. Some techniques that you can adopt to eat consciously are the following:

  • Eat slowly and without distractions.
  • Listen to the signs of physical hunger and eat until you feel full.
  • Learn to deal with guilt and anxiety about food.
  • Note the effects of food on your body and on your health.How to learn to eat consciously

8.Eat foods with high levels of fiber

It is always advisable to eat foods rich in fiber, such as oats, beans, fruits and vegetables, which will make you, eat healthy.

One study revealed that eating oatmeal in the morning makes the person feel fuller for the day and thus avoid eating more than they should at lunch. You can also eat some snacks such as nuts and some seeds, which will decrease your levels of anxiety to eat .Fiber, help you not eat too many calories

9.Eat three meals a day

Many people have a great desire to lose weight in a fast way. For this, avoid eating a daily meal such as breakfast, lunch or dinner in order to reduce the daily calories they consume. However, what is overlooked is that skipping meals can cause many calories to be ingested in a meal at the end of the day.

A study has shown that eating the three daily meals in a healthy and regular way will reduce hunger and total food intake. For this, we recommend eating normal portions with high-fiber foods to avoid the increase of calories throughout the day .Do not skip meals to avoid eating too many calories

10.Replace the processed drinks with water

Soft drinks such as soft drinks or processed juices may contain high levels of sugar, which can contribute to a person suffering from diabetes if they take it very regularly without controlling the intake of them.

Instead, you can drink water, which is the healthiest drink of all since it does not contain any calories and hydrates you in a much healthier way. Water is the only drink without calories


At mealtime you should consider the habits that can lead you to eat many more calories than you really need. To avoid these situations, we have presented you with a list which you must put into practice to improve your health and maintain that diet that you have worked so hard to maintain.

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