13 Health Benefits of Holding Hands you Might not Know!


The holding hands, creates the connection of nerves in the skin which communicate with the core of the nervous system. As a result, it activates the chemical reactions that make us feel loved, happy, warm and cared for. In fact, holding hands can bring good psychological effects to the human body. Do you like to take the hands of the person you love? In this article, we will discover what are the benefits of holding hands. First, holding hands refers to the action that unites the relationship of love and friendship. This action is a way of expressing communication between people. Build good interactions and mutual trust. So, it is believed that holding hands can bring good impacts to life.

In addition, there are other ways that can be expressed to communicate with people. For example, you can hug the person you love most and also in many other ways. However, in this article, we will limit ourselves to describing the health benefits of holding hands as indicated below.

13 Benefits of Holding Hands for Mental Treatments:

1. Increase Oxytocin Levels:

The first benefit of holding hands is the way it raises oxytocin levels in the body. What is oxytocin? Well, it is known that oxytocin is the hormone responsible for creating the connection or as it is known as the “love hormone.” These types of hormones will be enhanced as the person builds the connection or interaction between people, such as holding hands or hugging. In addition, this hormone will give the positive effect on the body such as bringing happiness and the feeling of heat as well.

2. It is a Healthy Activity:

The way we live in this life will affect the health of the mind and body. Taking an example, if you consume the best foods, then you will have a healthy body for sure. So does holding hands. This action is excellent, as it will bring many positive impacts as well. It is also a type of healthy activities. Creates a good connection and is the way of good communication between people. Therefore, if you can create the best activity like holding hands for your daily life, why don’t you start the action from now on?

3. Express Love:

We cannot deny that when holding hands, the connection is created and good communication between couples in a relationship is built.

“In fact, this is related to the presence of a hormone called oxytocin in the body”.

It is the one that plays a role in strengthening communication in the relationship and in creating the link for a better quality of relationship as well. As a result, couples can express their love by holding hands. This action will activate the nervous system resulting in a good feeling for the person. It allows us to feel happier and more loved. So, if you want to express your deepest love to your parents, your lover or your friends, you can start taking them by the hand and share the best moments with them!

4. Relieve Stress:

Not only to establish good communication with others, but also to reduce the stress hormone called cortisol. This action can create the connection and the good feeling between the person. A light touch of the hand can help relieve physical and mental stress. To conclude, if you face stressful days, try to hold your loved one as a way out. In fact, it will give you the feeling of happiness and will make you feel warm for sure. For advice, to relieve stress, just breathe deeply and let go of bad feelings. Also, doing yoga and some other exercises can help you get rid of the risks of stress.

5. Relieves Pain:

The stress you feel in your life can lead to mental health problems. For example, if you feel bad in every way, you will think desperately and this will give the bad impact to your body, including pain. By doing this, you can put your trust in them by holding them by the hand. Therefore, if you want to avoid it, you can try to take the hands of the person you love most. In fact, by doing this action, you will be happy to see the results for yourself, as it will withstand the pain for sure.

6. Strengthen the Links:

As described above, holding hands is a great way to create the bond between people. The relationship you create with someone can be greater and stronger if you can build a good connection in it. One of the ways to reach it is to hold hands. This action can give positive impacts to the relationship. You can build a good bond with your parents, friends and with the person you love. Therefore, as you know that holding hands can give you many benefits that you never expected, then give this one a chance now!

7. Fight Fear:

Have you ever seen the scary movie? You must have seen the scene when the actor was holding hands to fight his fear. Yes, this really works! It is known that holding hands can make you feel safe. At this point, it stimulates the brain to use more adrenaline. It makes the connection feel braver than before. In addition, it creates trust between the person so that they take care of each other. In short, holding hands is great for those who want to fight nerves and fear.

8. Create a Feeling of Comfort:

You can take the hands of the person you love while walking on the street. It will create a sense of comfort and everyone loves this. Create the tie and the beautiful sensations, of course. In addition, it provides the feeling of security, as well as the construction of the connection in a relationship. As an example, to create good love, you can take your beloved’s hands in the cold winter. He will build the strong relationship he never imagined before. Parents can also take the hands of their young children as this will build a good connection between them. This will make the children feel comfortable and safe. In fact, by holding hands, you can monitor the behavior and way of thinking of children in their stages of life.

9. Lower Blood Pressure:

As said before, holding hands brings positive impacts to life. Create a sense of security and comfort. At this point, this case is related to the decrease in blood pressure in the body. It is known that holding hands can reduce blood pressure, resulting in a lower level of stress. This is good as it will promote the health of your body. Therefore, the action of holding hands is not only great for mental health but also for body health.

10. Maintains Heart Health:

One of the health benefits of holding hands is maintaining heart health. In this case, it is associated with one of the benefits of holding hands that are lowering blood pressure. As we can control the level of blood pressure in the body, then it will also be good to reduce the risks of heart disease. It will maintain heart health and prevent heart problems such as stroke and heart attack. At this point, holding hands can reduce the risks of stress, which is the factor that contributes to heart health problems, including a stroke. For advice, if you want to have a healthy heart, try to apply the healthy lifestyle from now on, such as eating good foods and exercising regularly.

11. Promotes Brain Health:

Holding hands can activate areas of the brain that respond to decreased stress levels. It is the greatest relief and can make the person feel calm too. As you can reduce the risks of stress, then it will be good for brain health. Likewise, the feeling of happiness as a result of the action of holding hands is also great for brain health. In addition, holding hands can reduce cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone that may be related to diseases such as autoimmune diseases and bodily infections.

12. Promotes the Quality of Sleep:

In fact, holding hands can give the person a feeling of calm. As a result, it can give you relaxation as well as promote the best quality of your nighttime sleep. For tips, if you want to sleep well at night and rest your best for a long time, you can try to take the hands of your loved ones before going to bed.

13. Increase the Immune System:

In fact, the high level of cortisol can weaken the immune system, so it is necessary for you to hold hands. For this reason, holding hands can stimulate the immune system as the cortisol level is reduced. Then, holding hands, it will promote mental health and protect the body against the risk of diseases, including infections and free radical damage. To conclude, holding hands can be included as the healthy action that can be done to achieve a better life. In this case, holding hands is not just the action that helps you feel more secure and calm than before. In fact, it is more than that. It can promote mental health and boost the immune system too. What is even more important to hold hands is the way in which you can build the good connection between the people around you. Therefore, if you can create a better life and a healthier life by holding hands, then you can start doing this action in your daily life with the person you love most.


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