5 Ways To Improve Your Memory According To Science

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Many people often think that the key to success is related to who you know and how those associations can benefit you , but it is in fact, the opposite. The key to success is based on the knowledge capacity that you can store and use effectively. The better you know, the more opportunity you will get to stand out.

Now, science is continually in search of mechanisms that help us improve memory in a simpler and more practical way. That’s why in order to improve your ability to retain information; you must learn to know how memory works and how to increase it.

5 Steps to improve your memory with these steps


Studies in both rats and humans have shown that regular exercise can improve memory recovery. In fact, the practice of this activity in older adults has decreased the decline of memory, associated with age, although the same study makes the exception that does not necessarily have to be a norm.

And to contrast, physical activity is excellent for the human body, but not so much for the brain. While it helps the part of it that is responsible for motor functions, particularly in memory does not have great effects. So, if you want to improve your ability to memorize, with simple walks will suffice. Exercise and improve your memory

2.Chewing gum

Another method that could make you improve your memory, however incredible it may seem, is chewing gum. Yes, and it is that doing it while reading something new increases the capacity for learning, and therefore memory. Another study also showed that chewing gum is related to the hippocampus, an essential part of the brain related to memory. Although it is not entirely conclusive.

Another theory, on the other hand, focuses on the increase in oxygen that occurs when chewing gum, creating an atmosphere of concentration and ideal attention to capture and retain memories and storage capacity of memory. An introspective, but efficient way to acquire a technique that helps you memorize. Improve your memory by chewing gum

3.Drink coffee

Coffee, yes, once more as an ideal element for the human organism. And this time focused on the consolidation of memory. Studies conducted on young people have shown that the caffeine contained in coffee helps consolidate information more quickly and effectively.

Based on the recognition of certain patterns to determine the capacity of memory retention, young people were examined and the study showed evidence that taking some cups of coffee, apart from other benefits, can lead to improved memory. Drink coffee to speed up your memory


First let’s define what working memory is. It works like something like the notebook of notes that the brain has. Example, when you have just known someone’s name, with time you will decide if it is relevant or simply disposable. It is there where working memory resides and has its importance.

However, research has shown that those who maintain a high level of meditation have the ability to develop better memory over time; even reporting notable improvements in just 8 weeks. What is it? Simple, to the concentration capacity that these individuals have.

Apply this method, and you will notice how you optimize your memory .

5.Sleep more

Sleep and rest has been proven as one of the most important elements to have a good memory. Because when sleeping, the brain recovers and examines all the information it has collected throughout the day, and this is where the memory consolidation process takes hold.

Even a short nap works to improve your ability to consolidate memory. However, remember that most of the memory is located in the hippocampus region, which makes the process of memorizing ephemeral; while sleeping is located in the neocortex zone, prevailing important memories and consolidations related to day-to-day events.

If you like to sleep, you already have the ideal excuse. Sleeping helps concentration and memory


The ability of the human brain to collect information and remember it is due to memory. These useful tips to improve your ability to memorize will be more than useful.


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