How to Accelerate the Metabolism and Lose Weight?

Weight Loss

At breakfast, in addition to gathering energy for the rest of the day, we wake up our metabolism and start burning calories to lose weight from the morning. Some of us have problems when doing sports because we get tired easily or because we do not feel motivated to start incorporating exercises into our daily diet. The important thing is to have good health and get a body with which we feel comfortable with ourselves; if we manage to control our metabolism, we can become physically very active people, which will lead us to have a better self-esteem, less episodes of depression and much more vitality in front of the tasks that arise every day.

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Why Speed up our Metabolism?

Maybe it is a question that comes to everyone and here we have the answer. The faster you have your metabolism, the more fat your body will burn or the more forces you will have to allow it to do so. If you usually have a slow metabolism by nature, it does not matter if you consume pills or do other things like diets to lose weight, this will not help. Therefore, it is very important that you put into practice our recommendations to help you try to accelerate your metabolism.

Recommendations to Speed up your Metabolism and to Lose Weight

Breakfast Daily

Eating breakfast helps us awaken our metabolism and we will spend more calories throughout the day. Breakfast helps us to keep our glucose levels constant and thanks to this you can resist other types of less healthy meals.

Control your Fat Levels

It is recommended to consume foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates, which cause greater expenditure of calories. The above may be the explanation of why some people who consume few foods do not lose weight, since they consume few foods, but what they consume as such is richer in fat than in proteins and carbohydrates.

Train on an Empty Stomach

With this recommendation, you must be very careful, since professionals with medical control usually do it, so if you do it, it should be under the indication and recommendation of your doctor or nutritionist. This training is done to reduce the reserves of glucose or muscle glycogen, thus resorting to fats as reserves for energy during exercise.

Say no to Low Calorie Diets

Eating helps to expend energy to absorb, transport, store and metabolize food; this generates a so-called thermal effect and increases the resting metabolism between 8 and 16% during the two or three hours after each meal. That’s why the idea is to eat in a good way so that your metabolism is not slow, because if you do not eat properly, the body will not burn accumulated fat and you will not lose weight as you wish.

Distribute Daily Meals Well

Apart from eating breakfast, lunch and dinner; add other “four” strokes to your diet, thus ensuring a diet and increase the energy spent in the combustion of food, thus increasing your caloric expenditure to keep the metabolism high.

“We should not eat very heavy things in the middle, so low calorie and high fiber foods are recommended”.

Drink a Lot of Water

Water helps you cleanse and eliminate toxins that can promote the accumulation of fat. Hydrating correctly can increase your metabolic rate by 30% during the next hour.

Add Spicy

Add spicy foods to our meals such as curry or cayenne pepper helps to trigger the speed with which the body burns fat; since these foods cause greater energy expenditure because they generate heat.

Build Muscle

It is not necessary for you to be a person with advanced physical culture or a gym fan. You can lift a few weights at home daily, without the exercise being very intense, gradually you will get muscle and this will help you to burn fat , and therefore to lose weight.




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