What are the Best Exercises that Helps to Burn Fat?

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Do you know the most appropriate exercises to get rid of that extra fat? There is a specific routine for each purpose. We invite you to meet yours next. Between fat burning exercises we can find several types. Everything depends on the taste and time of each one. Also, if we do them well, they tend to be quite effective. We must also bear in mind that these exercises should be combined with a healthy diet. Here we show you the most effective to obtain that healthy and desired body. We even give you tips for greater effectiveness. Keep reading!

Fat Burning Tips for a Perfect Silhouette

Generally the hips, thighs and abdomen are the most difficult areas to eliminate fats. It is important to emphasize that an exercise routine burns fats will be more effective accompanied by a balanced diet. If you do not, you could risk recovering quickly the fats already eliminated. The advisable thing would be to make a planning with the exercises and foods of each day. That way you will never lose yourself in your routine! Another option is to prepare a table with the type of food you eat and your calories. For that, you should consult a specialist to tell you how many maximum calories you should consume per day according to your weight and height.

Types of Exercises

Next we will make a brief difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Which are the two most common types of exercises?

  • The anaerobic exercises are high intensity and short duration. In addition, they are more specific to train a part of the body.
  • Aerobics are medium or low intensity exercises of long duration. In aerobics all parts of the body are trained.

Actually within a type of exercise both intervene, but always one of them predominates. It will depend on you who interest you the most.


  • Aerobic: walks of several kilometers, soft jogs and swimming.
  • Anaerobic: lifting weights, abdominal and push-ups.


Warming up should always be done before and after the fat burning exercises. In this way, circulation throughout the body will increase, preparing it for the most intense exercise. In addition, we will significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Different Types of Exercises Burn Fat

As for burning fats, there are different opinions. It is advisable to first make an aerobic exercise plan to lose weight and then anaerobic to strengthen the muscles. But there are many others like the ones shown below. Keep reading!

Interval Exercises

Also, many trainers recommend higher intensity exercises with rest periods (intervals). In this way the body is able to burn fat more effectively.  It even accelerates the metabolism until the day after the activity. These types of exercises should be done with the help of a trainer. Otherwise, you run the risk of hurting yourself.

“Everything has its process and your body needs a period of adaptation”. 

At the beginning it may be that the breaks between exercises should be longer. Then, as you get used to it, you will realize that you will not need so many breaks.

Mix of Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises

It is also true that you should not focus only on one type of activity. As you take pace, it would be interesting to combine different types of exercises. Both aerobic and anaerobic. It all depends on your physical constitution and the percentage of fat to burn. Keep in mind that you must not obsess either, a body must be balanced. It is important to remember that all exercise routine must be accompanied by good hydration and proper nutrition. A sedentary person will not need the same type of nutrition as an active person. The first will perform periodic exercises, and with gradual increase in intensity. Likewise, for a balance of both food and exercise, it would be advisable to consult a specialist. Keep in mind that many times reaching the goal is quite complicated, but it is even more to maintain the improvements you’ve achieved. Therefore, a change in your mind is also necessary. Most extreme diets tend to fail at the maintenance stage.

A change of life is a safe investment in the short and long term. Also, a balanced diet and daily exercise will help you achieve your goal. The changes will be reflected for example in a higher self-esteem, good mood and above all a healthy body.


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