How to Reduce the Amount of Daily Calories to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss

Did you know that lack of sleep, by not allowing the signal of satiety to reach the brain, can make us fat? Likewise, an insufficient sleep stimulates the appetite. It goes without saying that calories are what make us fat, along with bad habits and lack of exercise. That is why reducing the amount of what we eat daily is vital to maintain our ideal weight and feel healthy. In today’s post we tell you how to reduce the amount of calories we eat daily to lose weight more easily. Take note!

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Implementing a program to lose weight will be ineffective if we do not take into account the amount of calories we consume per day. It is necessary to know how many are necessary to keep us healthy. Above this amount, it will become fat and therefore, in excess kilos.

“Nutrition experts indicate that you need to reduce calories by 500 per day in order to lose weight”.

But this is not just stop eating, but it should be combined with a good exercise routine and a balanced diet.

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Methods to Reduce the Amount of Daily Calories:

1. Sleep Well

Believe it or not, losing weight is related to the number of hours we sleep per day. Insufficient sleep causes a greater production of a hormone that not only stimulates the appetite, but also, that inhibits the signal of satiety to the brain. The more hours you sleep, the less time to think about eating. But also, this will bring other advantages to your health, such as recovering energy to face your journey, not getting sick so much, being in a better mood, avoiding stress, etc. Try to respect the hours you sleep (go to bed and get up at the same time every day).

2. Drink a Lot of Water

Diets are not limited only to the consumption of liquids, but the truth is that drinking three liters of water a day serves to metabolize fats (gradually eliminating them) and also fill the stomach to suppress appetite naturally. This does not mean that you only consume water and deceive the desire to eat, but before consuming a chocolate or some chips, better drink a glass of water. This will help you eliminate toxins and relieve constipation. Your skin will look much prettier. If you drink a glass of cold water 15 minutes before eating, you will not be so anxious about food.

3.  Decrease the amount of sugar

This ingredient that is present in the vast majority of processed and prepared foods, does not contribute anything good for health, but quite the opposite, because it generates them. Decreases or directly eliminates the consumption of sugar to enjoy benefits that you never even imagined as having a more radiant skin or less cavities. For each tablespoon of refined sugar you will be adding 20 calories to your body, in addition to releasing insulin, the hormone that helps accumulate fat.

4. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

Adding many fruits and vegetables to your daily diet has many advantages for your health. Nutritionists indicate that the recommended amount per day is five rations between both groups. They will provide you with few calories and at the same time, they will help you to decrease the intake of other foods. For example, mid-morning in the office, choose an apple or a pear instead of a chocolate cake or a cake with cream. Fruits and vegetables provide us with vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and other trace elements. And in the vast majority of cases, for less than 100 calories.

5. Complete an Exercise Routine

There is no doubt that it is the ideal supplement to lose weight and lower the calories of lunch. The body, by staying in motion, will burn what “leftovers” it. And you do not need to go to a gym or academy: choose to walk faster, jog, run, ride a bike, swim or take your dog for a walk in the park. For the effects to be noticed in the short term (and do not think that the whole sacrifice was in vain), meet at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, interspersed between them so that the muscles do not get used and you can work the body in general.

6. Choose Less Fatty Foods

Includes low-fat or low-fat dairy products (cottage cheese, plain yogurt, semi-skimmed milk, fresh Burgos-type cheese, etc.), lean meats (skinless turkey or chicken, beef sirloin), Serrano ham without bacon, poultry meats broths without fat. Substitute meat and eggs for fish (three times a week).

7. Consume Sauces and Dressings in Moderation

The recommended among the dressings are the olive oil, then those of sunflower or corn. Always use them prudently, because they are healthy but at the same time they will give you a lot of energy. In the case of sauces, choose those that have less fat, i.e, tomato, pepper, a mayonnaise lightened with yogurt or with vegetables. If you prepare it yourself, be careful with the amount of oil you use.

8. Prepare the Food Correctly

There are many ways to prepare dinner and lunch in order to add less fat to food or remove the one that has “by nature.” The iron is suitable for birds, fish and some vegetables. The papillote is used for vegetables such as potatoes or fish, seasoned to taste and wrapped in heat-resistant paper. The frying is used for vegetable garnishes, in the pan with a little vegetable oil or dew. Steaming, boiling or cooking is a good idea, just like baked.

9. Frit only on Occasional Occasions

Once a week you can treat yourself to eating something fried, do not deprive yourself of it. If you will make battered food, add a tablespoon of water for each egg you mix, so less oil will be absorbed. Use kitchen paper to remove the excess. In stews or stews, remove the skin of the birds and the visible fat of the meat before cooking.

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