What are the Steps to be Followed in an Intelligent Diet?

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Nowadays there is a great variety of diets, but not all are healthy for our body. Know the smart diet and learn to eat healthy.

“To maintain a smart diet it is very important to know the foods we consume, what their nutritional properties are and what proportions we should take”.

Now this may sound very simple, but putting it into practice is another matter. Then we will go deeper into this topic and we will extract some tips that can help us achieve our purpose of eating better, throughout the day, without suffering.

The Problem of Junk Food Against Smart Diet

Many people say they cannot control themselves over food and find it difficult to differentiate between hunger and anxiety. Thus, they give in to the temptation to eat at all times and do not really pay attention to what they eat. They only put something in their mouths that catches their attention, without knowing whether it is nutritious or not. The junk food or garbage then becomes the number one enemy of a balanced diet. Especially, because it is composed of foods that have no nutritional value and that only contributes calories, sugars, salt in excess, saturated fats and toxic substances. It is attractive, addictive and, in the medium and long term, very harmful to the body.

To the above is added another problem: excessive intake. Being addictive and so visually appealing, people eat a lot more junk food than they really need to consume. The simplified scientific explanation is as follows: being rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates, the brain feels the desire to want to consume more food. Of course, when overeating, the body must absorb many more calories than it can actually burn. Therefore, an increase in weight occurs.

The Importance of Adequate Portions in a Smart Diet

A healthy and adequate portion is that which the body requires to function optimally and to meet the energy demands. These should be adapted to the age, height, amount of physical activity performed, existing diseases and physiological stages, such as pregnancy or breast Eating, among others. It is necessary to generate awareness about the quantity and quality of the portions, incorporating vegetables and lean meats, which will give us more satiety. In addition, in the proportions we must expect to reduce the flours as much as possible, but without eliminating them.

Tips for a Healthy Eating routine

Faced with fast and restrictive diets, we will have certain guidelines for a healthier diet. Through these recommendations, we can follow an intelligent and balanced diet without fearing the rebound effect of the “miracle diets”.


  • Always carry out the three main daily meals, along with lunch and snack. The ideal is to plan them from the day before so as not to tempt us with food on the way.
  • Consume an acidic candy about 15 minutes before each meal to reduce appetite and anxiety.
  • Take time to eat and do not do it while watching television or using video games or your mobile phone. In this way, we will eat more slowly, with more control and with fewer distractions. In addition, it will be important to properly chew the food.
  • Use smaller plates to better measure quantities. We must sit at the table to eat, so we organize meals better and manage time.
  • Eating with the non-dominant hand will make us eat more slowly and with smaller bites.
  • Take note of food consumption to highlight those with a higher calorie content.
  • Decrease the variety of foods on the plate. To avoid eating larger quantities and the possible temptations to add more elements to the dish.
  • Have a healthy appetizer on hand to avoid resorting to undesirable snacks.
  • Drink sugar-free drinks, avoiding soda or juice with too much sugar.
  • Avoid attending social events on an empty stomach. This way you avoid the temptation to take snacks.
  • Rest properly, with at least 7 or 8 hours of daily sleep.

Differentiate Real Hunger from Anxiety

Along with all the previous recommendations, it will be very important to learn to differentiate real hunger from emotional hunger. Real hunger usually appears about four hours after the consumption of food. That is to say, when the digestion has finished and we have burned part of the incorporated calories. On the other hand, emotional hunger can appear in situations of stress or anxiety. To deal with this sensation, the most advisable thing can be to focus on physical activity, relaxation and breathing exercises or chat with a friend over the phone.

There is also the option of waiting a few minutes to relax and that the feeling of hunger as a result of anxiety is mitigated. Controlling this emotional hunger we can avoid the temptation to take less healthy foods and follow a smart and healthy diet, more easily.


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