The 10 Most Fattening Foods!!

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People often get fat and eat more for different reasons. The most common cause of this may be that there is no awareness of what an indiscriminate consumption of fat and calories is.

The calories are found in different foods, mainly those that contain high amounts of fat. Apart from salts and natural fats, there are a lot more foods that contain a lot of fat, and that we usually consume without hesitation.

We usually have a general knowledge about which foods contain more calories. That is the first problem to face: we need a reference framework to discern which foods get fatter, and thus be able to better plan our diet.

The 10 most fattening foods


Soft drinks based on soda and sugar can easily take the title as the most fattening food.

For starters, these types of beverages do not contain any nutritious element, and they add immense amounts of empty calories that impact on your overall diet.

A first consequence of these drinks is the progressive increase in weight they produce. Some studies have shown, for example, that these drinks can increase your consumption by up to 17% more calories in the short term. All this without mentioning other side effects.

Some of the worst consequences of drinking sugary soda drinks are:

  • Risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease.
  • Increased risk of cancer

2.Coffee with refined sugar

Natural coffee can be highly healthy, but coffees loaded with refined sugar and additives are not.

Like soda, coffees with refined sugar are simple deposits of fat and empty calories, without any special nutrients. The consequences of its consumption usually go from simply to gain something of extra weight quickly, to deteriorate the health in general at cardiovascular level.

3.Ice cream

Given its widespread use as a dessert or treat, ice cream is one of the most consumed fat sources by people of all ages.

The commercial ice cream that we usually buy is the one that is most full of sugar. If you want to make a change in your diet, choose to buy homemade ice cream or diet that does not contain more than 15 grams of sugar for each small portion.


We know it’s delicious, but commercial pizza is one of the most greasy and harmful junk foods. Its peculiar popularity among children and adolescents is associated, for example, with high calorie intake and premature obesity.

Among the most popular and most harmful varieties of pizza are those that contain processed cheeses and meats.

The processed meats are those that have been cured and smoked with salt and other elements. An excessive and constant intake of this type of elements has been directly associated with obesity, an increase in heart disease, and even with certain types of cancer.

As a social element, pizza is an element that generates excuses for meetings and dinners with friends. If you do not want to give it up, become a little more imaginative and look for pizza options with less fat.

Variants such as a simple capresa pizza, or loaded variants of vegetables, mushrooms, or artichoke, are always attractive options with less fat.

5.Cookies and donuts

The biscuits and donuts that we usually buy, no matter how helpless they may seem, are small fatty cocktails loaded with flour, carbohydrates, sugar and additives.

Due to its high levels of carbohydrates, it is not an excessive idea that we stop promoting regular consumption among the little ones.

A second step would be to reduce our own portions: instead of buying a family size bag, buy a small portion, which is enough to calm the craving that generates low sugar consumption among those who are more accustomed.

In the case of donuts, even small portions without glaze can contain between 200 and 300 calories. For optimum health and fat-free, avoid them as much as possible.

6.Potato chips and potato snacks

French fries are delicious and are almost anywhere: as a starter, appetizer or contour, its use is versatile and quite popular. Maybe too popular.

An average service of chips (5 ounces or 139 grams) can easily contain 427 calories, making them one of the most popular foods with more fat.

Many of the potatoes that we usually consume on the street also contain large amounts of salt, which makes them very addictive.

Like traditional French fries, potato chip snacks contain large amounts of fat, in addition to artificial additives and refined carbohydrates. In fact, a study ventured that potato chip snacks could be the fastest food that makes us gain weight.

7.Peanut butter

A moderate amount of peanut butter, at convenient times, can be healthy. In fact, the consumption of peanuts in nature has been directly related to weight reduction.

Unfortunately we do not usually consume peanut butter in tiny amounts, and rarely in versions with little salt and natural peanuts.

The commercial peanut butter usually contains additives and refined sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils and large amounts of salt. With this mixture, you can be sure that commercial peanut butter is not as harmless as some would have us believe.

Keeping a limited consumption is unlikely that mania butter is a problem for you. However, if you want to limit your fat intake to the maximum, buying it often will not be a good idea.

8.Milk-based chocolate

In the world of chocolates, dark chocolate is the hero that is full of benefits for heart health and brain functions. Milk chocolate, for its part, is the villain of history.

The trade chocolates made from milk are those containing more fat in the market. This is because their natural cocoa components are reduced, if not eradicated, thanks to the tons of sugar and saturated fats that are placed. If we add milk with high fat content, it will be best to separate them from the diet.

On the other hand, like other fat-based foods used as snacks, milk-based chocolates are often a determining factor in weight gain.

9.Fruit juices

If this seems surprising, it is because you have not noticed the differences between a natural fruit, and the methods normally used to prepare a fruit juice.

The juices commercial fruit can fatten almost as much as a soda based drink soda. Their high sugar content eradicates the fiber and nutrient contents present in most fruits, which makes them a key factor in gaining weight, especially among school-age children.

10.Processed foods

A final factor is making a basic distinction between what is “real food” and what is not. Processed foods, despite looking like traditional food, are usually containers of large amounts of fat.

Due to its widespread use, it is common that most people do not accept to eradicate them from their diet. However, decreasing them is an important first step in controlling fat levels of what you consume.

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