The 5 Best Psychological Techniques To Lose Weight

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More than a physical test, losing weight is a mental war. It is facing that version of you that hides in the deepest part of your being … and that really wants to devour a hamburger or gives immense laziness to run a few kilometers.

In spite of that, the mental component is the one that we often leave aside when it comes to starting a diet or changing our lifestyle for a healthier one.

It is this lack that makes most fail when you want to get fit. But do not worry; putting your mind in tune with the situation is much easier than you think. Know the 5 most effective psychological techniques to lose weight.

5 Psychological techniques to lose weight

1.Learn about weight loss

At first, facing something you do not know is a bad idea. You must make a preliminary study of your opponent before taking the first step. Understanding how the body works and how it is lost and gained weight is crucial to develop a strategy that allows you to lose the kilos you need.

To begin with, and this is something that you must engrave in your mind: stop eating will not make you lose weight. Or at least, not in the long term. To be healthy, our body needs to be in perfect energy balance. That is the far-fetched way of saying that you need to consume a certain amount of calories -not more, not less- so that your body continues to function properly.

Once you understand this concept and establish the number of calories you should consume to maintain your energy balance, you will be less tempted to eat more or less food than you really need.

2.Avoid packaging that does not allow you to see the content

Have you ever thought about the immense amount of popcorn you eat while watching a movie at the cinema? And more important than that: have you not noticed that, after eating all that, you’re still hungry? No, it is not that you are a devouring machine of fried foods, but your brain does not understand the actual amount of food eaten.

According to Neil O’Nova, expert in weight loss and author of the book “7-minute skinny jeans” human beings are highly visual and we take references from reality with what our eyes capture. If we see a three-meter package of potato chips, we will probably say: “Not to mention, I could not eat all that.” Our eyes help us know when to stop. But what happens when you cannot see the amount of what you eat? Your brain is confused, not satisfied.

To solve this, it is best to measure portions and places them in small napkins or bowls. So you can avoid eating more than you should and your brain will feel that the body was fed enough.

3.Increase your fiber intake

Let’s talk about snacks, that time of day that works like a lifesaver while you get used to a healthier diet. We certainly think of sweets, candies, gummies and huge sweets rather than a piece of apple. Really what we want to be able to eat something that makes us feel satisfied until the next meal.

However, for that you do not need to eat a mountain of snacks, but know how to select which of them contain the most fiber. And, why fiber? Not only do they contain fewer calories, they also make you feel full faster and for a longer time.

Among the best options you can choose are vegetables such as carrots or celery, which are easy to prepare and very versatile in the kitchen.

4.Change the way you see the exercise

Is it possible to lose weight without enjoying your training sessions? Maybe in the short term, yes; however, if it is something that really bothers you, it is very unlikely that you can prolong it after the first months of results.

But, it’s not about forcing yourself to enjoy something that you really hate. Lie to yourself saying; “Oh, exercise, it enchants me,” will make you hate it even more. In this case, it is best to be honest with yourself and try all the options you can.

Did not you like to run? Try swimming. Neither? Why not take climbing classes? It’s all about finding that activity, which may well be normal gym sessions or a completely unusual sport that puts your body to shoot your adrenaline levels. Once you find what you enjoy, it will be easier to incorporate it into your weekly weight loss routine.

On the other hand, the exercise with friends or family – a group that you feel comfortable with – can be a huge motivation not to abandon your training sessions, besides they can become a pleasant pastime and a way to share with people what does you want.

5.Motivate yourself

Raise your hand competitive, because this is your time to shine. Although positive mantras, self-affirmations and talks with yourself in the mirror are very useful to motivate you to lose weight, there is nothing more effective than turning that activity into a challenge.

The goals are more provocative when you load your motivations with that connotation of “Can you do it? Are you really capable? ” You also have to make sure to always push yourself to see the whole process in a positive way. Do not think about how dissatisfied you feel in the present with your body, but in your future self, six months or a year later, and how great you will look and feel with yourself.

However, make sure to maintain a balance between aspirations and reality. Setting goals that are unreal will not do you any good. Not only will you push yourself to limits that may even become unhealthy, but you will also be depressed by not being able to achieve the illusory and expected results. Step by step, without skipping any, you can achieve each of your goals.

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