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Some medical benefits of seawater have been investigated, among them are: having an antibiotic effect, helping in the healing of wounds, cleansing the nasal passages in cases of sinusitis, among others.

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What is the use of the sea water taken?

Below are the supposed 10 benefits of drinking seawater in its commercial bottled form, taking direct seawater is bad.

Below we will see a proposed list of diseases that cure seawater, some of them, has only been proven experimentally:

1.Seawater helps to relax the muscles

Allows muscle relaxation when swimming or floating in seawater. Promotes the recovery of muscles if you have had injuries

2.Seawater could help prevent wound infection

It has been proposed as a natural antiseptic, helps to absorb water in wounds to prevent infections in them, ideal to prevent infection of wounds.

In an investigation done in the University of San Francisco (California-US), its benefit in some type of dermatitis is noticed.

3.Seawater could help in respiratory problems

Improves and relieves symptoms in respiratory problems, facilitates the elimination of toxins and eliminate mucus from upper respiratory tract and paranasal sinuses.

4.Seawater could help in joint pains

Relieves joint pain in rheumatic problems, therefore, a saltwater bath is advised

5.Seawater could be used as an exfoliant

For skin care, seawater is also very useful, as its function will be as an exfoliant or for its cosmetic properties

6.Breathing the sea breeze could help improve the circulation of air in the lungs

Breathing breeze from seawater will be very beneficial because it cleans lungs, improving health and / or preventing future respiratory problems. Taking sea baths will help calm anxiety and stress.

7.Help to detoxify

Some studies, experimentally, have revealed that sea water is not only useful, used externally in the organism, but also internally, it provides several benefits, it needs to be evaluated in scientific works in humans with large samples.

Properties of sea water:

  • Cardiovascular beneficial effects
  • Improves the lipid profile
  • Helps to maintain and improve the health of the organs, preventing the development of various pathologies, by endothelial effects

8.Seawater nutrient?

Among the benefits of seawater at the nutritional level are: it contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fluorine, copper, iodine, etc. macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, therefore, is considered a nutritious water, is an organic water, bioavailable that nature provides, and that you can make the most of its properties, considered therapeutic, by some experts.

Many consider that to obtain more benefits from sea water, it must be added as water for daily use, however, before starting to drink large quantities of it, it is necessary to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, as well as the effects that it could bring to the future if it is not taken in the proper way.

From the medical point of view, seawater has its specific properties.

9.Benefits of seawater to improve breathing:

As mentioned, the use of seawater to unclog the nostrils is a remedy or recommendation even by experts, to keep these routes clear, and be able to breathe properly. Many studies have revealed their effectiveness so that this type of water is a great ally to reduce nasal obstruction.

Seawater strengthens immunity, drags and facilitates discarding secretions, mucus, naturally, and due to its properties, improves the auditory function.

10.Benefits of seawater in rhinitis and sinusitis:

Since ancient times, seawater has been used as a natural treatment, in cases of allergies, sinusitis.

  • Help eliminate bacteria
  • Lubricate
  • Decongest
  • Cell regenerator
  • Reduces tissue irritation, caused by rhinitis
  • Avoid inflammation
  • It is a natural analgesic that prevents the evolution of rhinitis
  • Function as an anti-allergenic
  • Rehydrates, preventing the accumulation of mucus

It is one of the most effective and useful natural treatments to combat and reduce symptoms.

Benefits of seawater for hair

Sea water is very beneficial to the hair if used with care and without excess. Seawater contains several salts and important elements for the nutrition of the scalp and hair follicles such as zinc, sulfur, magnesium and calcium. Many hair products use seawater in their composition.

Benefits of seawater for cancer

This is false, there is not enough scientific evidence that seawater cures cancer, there are no studies that support these ideas and we must be careful to choose this type of therapy in cases of cancer. In holistic natural medicine based on holistic principles, proposed by Dr. Hammer, water has been proposed as part of treatment in some types of cancer, but science does not approve of this nor is there scientific evidence on this.

Benefits of seawater for the skin

The high mineral content of seawater, such as sodium, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iodine and zinc, provides a product with a great mineral richness that can be used to benefit some health problems.

On the skin, they help eliminate eczema and desquamative lesions. It is also used as an exfoliating effect for the skin.

Benefits of seawater for the eyes

Although there is no scientific evidence to support this knowledge, some people have proposed and used seawater in drops for the treatment of dry eye and cataracts.

Several testimonies are obtained with anecdotal evidence but it is advised to consult with your ophthalmologist before starting a treatment on your eyes with any product.

Benefits of seawater for acne

Seawater has certain antiseptic and exfoliating properties that have been used for the treatment of acne. Its astringent effect eliminates cell debris and prevents clogging of pores and subsequent infection.

Several skin products have been developed from seawater as the basis of their formulations made for the cosmetic industry.

Benefits of seawater for dogs

There have been many proposed benefits of seawater for dogs, gastrointestinal, blood, kidney, for tumors and allergies, among others.

There are several types of commercial seawater for sale available for sale. Or you can let the sea water stand for 1 week and then dilute at a rate of 1 cup of seawater with 3 cups of drinking water. Give this mixture to the dogs occasionally.

Benefits of seawater for diabetes

There are studies that have revealed experimentally in animals, the benefits of the use of seawater in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. This occurs thanks to the trace elements that generate an adequate balance for the correct functioning of the metabolism and hormones.

However, studies in humans are needed to corroborate their beneficial effects, administration forms and the appropriate doses, in case the advantages of their use in diabetes are demonstrated.

Contraindications to drink seawater

Despite recent interest in demonstrating the beneficial properties of seawater, there are still many doubts about its potential dangers. The recommended way to drink bottled sea water, which has been processed for human intake in a safer way.

Drinking water directly can bring certain problems, due to the high amount of minerals that can bring other unwanted consequences

In general it is necessary to consult your doctor before incorporating bottled sea water to your normal consumption in the diet.

In particular, in patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, and patients with kidney problems should be avoided.

What diseases does sea water cure?

None, sea water does not cure diseases. Adherents to the consumption of sea water have awarded a long list of diseases that can be cured with their usual consumption. However, reviewing the medical literature does not provide evidence of the greater benefits for which it is conventionally used.

For now, there are no diseases that have been proven to be cured with seawater. In any case, help solve some health problems in conjunction with other treatments of proven efficacy.

Where to buy sea water?

In Mexico, Panakos bottled sea water, hypertonic, is obtained. The price is 590 Mexican pesos for 20 liters (29 US $). In free market Mexico.

In the web pages and you can get several types of seawater for human consumption.

Is there bottled sea water?

There is commercially bottled sea water, which has gone through a process of elimination of toxic and infectious components, leaving only minerals and trace elements. It is not advisable to drink sea water directly because there are certain risks.

Can you drink sea water directly?

Although its benefits are multiple, we must not leave behind, the fact that if it is not taken properly, it could bring serious consequences to the body, instead of the body taking advantage of its benefits.

It has been recommended to drink sea water, along with the sweet, to enjoy all the benefits it brings to the body. You can take advantage of the properties of seawater, but always prefer to be processed or bottled, where it is guaranteed that the proportions of electrolytes are adequate for the organism. Drinking sea water directly is bad.

Currently, there are several options to consume and obtain it, some people, and more those who live in islands, ports, may have direct access to sea water, but, another alternative, is to drink it already bottled, some have passed a sanitary control process, which guarantees its safety when consumed. But before using for therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to consult with a health expert.

In addition, it has been recommended to use seawater as a liquid salt in the kitchen, suggesting that you can also make the most of its benefits.

How to filter sea water to drink?

The main recommendation is to locate the bottled sea water. Some have proposed to combine it with fresh water, and / or drink only a few tablespoons, and get to consume it up to a quarter of a liter, used in various drinks, such as juices. Other suggestions are to add the cap of sea water to one liter of fresh water. Obtaining a mineral water, but there is no scientific evidence to validate these procedures.

Seawater poisoning

There are several reports of excessive seawater intake, with serious health complications, especially in children. Being able to generate a serious situation called Hypernatremia, or elevation of the levels of Sodium in blood and Rhabdomyolysis (destruction of muscle fibers). Both with very severe consequences.

Dangers of drinking sea water

In case of having the bottled version (processed), there are some contraindications to drink seawater. Basically, referring to cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases, due to the salts that contain it. You should consult your doctor if you have any questions.

If you drink seawater accidentally, for small amounts there are no greater risks, it is recommended to drink plenty of drinking water and consult in case of symptoms. If the equivalent of more than 1 glass (250 cc) was consumed, you should go to the doctor to take measurements and determine if there is any consequence. The consequences of drinking seawater in small or moderate amounts are treatable and do not leave sequels.

Although currently, there may be information either against or in favor of the use of seawater, there are more investigations every day about its effectiveness, whether it is used directly or Quinton plasma (used in marine therapies).

Some researchers propose, that the habitual use of sea water, brings some benefits to maintain the health of the organism, since it is a way of feeding it with all the elements it needs. Therefore, some research claims that if you can drink because it is:

  • A regulator of the internal environment
  • Disinfectant
  • Neutralizes acidity in the stomach
  • Alkalizer
  • Restorative

What is seawater composed of?

Seawater is composed of minerals, which differentiates it from fresh water, it has minerals such as zinc, iodine, potassium, trace elements, which is why it is salted by the concentration of minerals, experts recommend that when you go to the beach The benefits of seawater are maximized.

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