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Did you know that not all diets are appropriate for your body? Therefore, today we will explain what you should avoid, as much as possible. With the existence of the media, especially the Internet, various diets are constantly fashionable. Some of them can be very beneficial, like the Mediterranean. However, there are many diets that we must avoid because they are harmful to the body.

Everyone at some point we wanted to lose weight and that’s not bad, since there are many health problems associated with obesity. However, we have to be very careful when dieting, since not all of them are healthy and, in fact, can cause us more harm than good. In this opportunity, we bring you the details of some diets that we should avoid, since they are not good for our body.

The Atkins Diet and the Dukan

These two diets are quite similar to each other. The Atkins is based on the elimination of carbohydrates, since only protein and fat are consumed. For its part, the Dukan diet is carried out in stages, of which in the first and the second also remove carbohydrates, but also fats. In other words, only proteins can be consumed. The dangers of these two diets have to do with carbohydrates are the main responsible for providing energy to the body, so discarding them can cause all kinds of health problems.

The exaggerated consumption of proteins can generate a deficit in the organism, as happens with any excess. Not to mention the lack of vitamins and minerals that it produces, which come from fruits and vegetables that are suppressed in these diets.

Liquid Diets

The consumption of healthy drinks is nothing wrong. However, if the proposal of the diet is to abandon whole foods and consume only liquid something is not good with that method. The excess restrictions are not good. Indeed, these will make you lose weight quickly, but at the cost of insufficient energy income, which causes gastrointestinal problems, as well as decompensation. In extreme cases, this type of regimen can lead to heart failure, a sufficient reason why this is one of the diets that we should avoid.

The Nasogastric Diet is Among the Diets that we Should Avoid

Broadly speaking, this is an extreme diet that involves stopping eating with your mouth and eating with your nose. It involves eating food through a tube that goes from the nose to the stomach. It supposes an intake of only 800 calories, 400 calories below the minimum recommended consumption. For this reason, in just 10 days you can lose up to 10% of body weight. Keep in mind that this percentage is the one that is recommended to lose during a whole year. The functioning of the nasogastric diet produces ketosis. It is a state in which the body begins to use the fat reserves of   the body as energy, instead of carbohydrates.

Astronaut Diet

It is an extremely restrictive diet, since it supposes the consumption of barely 500 calories a day. Likewise, the food base revolves around proteins, leaving aside carbohydrates and fats. As a consequence of the limitations of this diet, innumerable alimentary deficiencies are generated. It also produces an unfavorable mood that includes bad humor, anxiety and stress. With that reduced caloric consumption a significant weight loss is achieved in a few days. However, as soon as the normal diet is resumed, the rebound effect occurs.

What to Avoid When Doing a Diet:

Although we have already detailed several of the most dangerous diets, it is important that we tell you the characteristics of a harmful diet. In fact, the ones we tell you about are not the only ones.

Those that Imply a Daily Consumption Lower than 1200 Calories

That is an indication that something is not right, because our body requires at least that number of calories to function properly.

Promises an Almost Miraculous Weight Loss

It is definitely not possible to lose large amounts of weight in a very short time without having consequences. If you are overweight you will know that all those extra Weight did not arise at any moment. Therefore, it is unrealistic to want to lose them overnight. However, some extreme diets can allow you to lose weight. Now, you must be aware that this can cause a lot of fatigue in your body. Not to mention that perhaps as fast as you lose those Weight you will recover them again.

“Remember something important: no diet will have a long-term effect if you do not change your eating habits and practice physical activities”.

It is Not Balanced

If a diet involves eating a single food or makes you restrict many food groups, doubt their qualities. Our body requires all the nutrients; otherwise, you will begin to present various health difficulties.

The Diet that We Should Consider

A really effective diet will involve time, and more than time, a change in lifestyle. Therefore, it will take into account the presence of the different nutritional groups in a balanced way. In that sense, it is convenient that you seek the advice of a professional before starting.


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