Why Do Not I Lose Weight? 4 Myths That Will Leave You Stone

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Forty years ago, a series of reports altered the way Americans ate. That’s when the worst health policy in the US began: fever diets from low-fat diets.

The advice given to people was to eat less fat and cholesterol, resulting in a frenzy of producers and supermarkets that filled the market with low-fat products. Everyone started eating white eggs, low-fat cookies, common but light products … all low in fat. But something strange happened: they were still getting fatter.

If you take a look online you will find more and more stupid diets that are becoming famous, whose promises are outdated, misinformed and ineffective.

Why do we keep getting fat?

Who can blame us? Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to convince us that their food products are healthy. We are inundated with marketing messages such as:

  • 100 calorie snacks!
  • Do you want to lose weight? Just take this bowl of high-fiber cereal for breakfast and lunch every day and you’ll get it.

Next we will highlight 4 myths spread around the world that will leave you stone.

1.Cholesterol is bad for you

A few decades ago, the US government warned that we should limit the amount of cholesterol we eat because it causes heart problems. To this day, many people still believe that they should limit their cholesterol in their diet.

However, it was finally shown that there is no need (for most of us) to limit the amount of cholesterol we ingest. Not only is the cholesterol we consume does not affect our cholesterol levels in the blood, but there are also different types of cholesterol: there is”good” cholesterol (HDL) and a “bad” cholesterol (LDL). But to be more exact, there are different types of LDL cholesterol, some of which are completely benign.

This is very important because they have made us believe that we should avoid cholesterol at all costs, but the truth is that only a small number of people ( diabetics , for example), should worry about cholesterol. In fact, we would have to make an effort to increase our HDL cholesterol; this can be achieved through the following habits:

  • No smoking cigarettes.
  • Lose weight.
  • Do aerobic exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes.
  • Consume healthy fats (such as fish, nuts or meat from herbivores), avoiding trans fats as much as you can.
  • Take alcohol in moderation. However, if you leave it completely your health will thank you more.

1.1 Effects of cholesterol on runners

When you avoid consuming cholesterol, you avoid a lot of very nutritious foods at the same time, and without a variety of healthy foods. Your nutrition in general will suffer, being affected your performance when exercising and the time you need to recover.

Also, cholesterol helps you run faster!

However, we are not saying that you take two dozen eggs a day , since it is not good or not to take enough or take too much cholesterol, so it is important to be reasonable. What we want you to know is that there is no reason for you to avoid foods with cholesterol.

2.Skimmed milk is healthier than whole milk

Ask anyone over 50 and everyone will agree: none of them drink skim milk when they were small. But after the movement of low-fat diets in the 80s, skimmed milk was made with the entire market, while the demand for whole milk decreased.

Unfortunately, eating less fat does not mean you are going to lose more fat. Thus, studies suggest that foods with fatty components do not contribute to obesity, as there is no evidence of this.

Fats are very necessary for the absorption of many vitamins , such as vitamin A or D , so that if you limit the amount of fat you consume you are not absorbing most of those vitamins.

But like everything, the important thing is to have moderation. This does not mean that we do not eat anything but fat, but that there is no reason to put aside all these foods (whole milk, butter …) and consume only low-fat foods.

3.Reduce the calories you consume to lose weight effectively

The key word in this myth is “effective” – ​​if you reduce your caloric intake, of course you will lose weight and also quickly.

But it will not last long. Scientific studies suggest that rapid weight loss and lightning diets can slow down our metabolism, deprive your body of essential nutrients and weaken our immune system. And the weight you lost? You will recover it right away, and most likely you will recover more than you have lost.

The problem is counting calories. Until now, people never counted calories, so why now do we suddenly have to be counting calories to maintain our weight?

Anne Mauney works with her clients using a method known as ” intuitive feeding “, which is a philosophy based on the premise that listening to our body and its natural hunger signals is much more effective than counting calories. Our bodies use a complex system of hormones that alert us when we need energy. All those cravings and cravings that we have are not our enemy, but it is our body’s way of telling us that it needs nutrients. Do not ignore them! When we repress those signals is when we get into trouble.

Eating intuitively forces you to be more aware of what you are eating and how much you are eating. Instead of counting calories, Danielle Omar believes that the important thing is to become aware of what we eat and what our body needs. Once we are aware of our “budget” for the day, we can choose all nutrient-rich foods that fit within that budget.

For this intuitive feeding system to work effectively without having to count calories, we must be consuming real food, that is, natural foods that have not been processed or refined, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc. If we want to consume foods that come from animals, better they are herbivores.

4.Low carb diets are a good option to lose weight easily

Yes and no.

If we drastically stop taking carbohydrates, of course you will lose weight. The bad thing is that most of that weight you lose will be water (for every gram of carbohydrate you consume, your body stores 3 grams of water). If what you are looking for is losing weight temporarily and you do not mind not losing fat, then a low carbohydrate diet will be a good option.

But for those who want to lose weight in a lasting way, low carb diets are not a good option. In addition, these types of diets are quite difficult to follow.


I know this article is long. There is a lot of information here, but do not be overwhelmed. You do not need to be perfect with your diet either (I had a donut this morning). So if you’re wondering what to do, I recommend choosing ONE (just one!) Of these tips and implement it in your life today. Take it as an experiment! A fun experiment.

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